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websites may actually be one of the least expensive and most powerful; Custom SEO Landing Pages.  Territory Media wants to introduce you to a concept that is widely used by the big boys but not by smaller businesses. 

Custom SEO Landing Pages are exactly what they say they are, Search Engine Optimization landing pages for your website.  In actuality they are a simple page loaded with key words that use graphics from your existing website and sit on their own domain and direct traffic or visitors back to your website.

Landing pages are Domains Name specific pages that direct traffic in the search engines back to your website using keywords that your website may be weak on.

Benefits to SEO Landing Pages:

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to monitor
  • Powerful in the Search Engines
  • Easily Indexed
  • Colorful and attractive
  • Match general theme of existing website
  • Direct Marketed to specific client
  • Can ask for specific markets or buy
  • Independent Site Tracker or statistics
  • SEO Landing Pages actually improve your existing site Page Rank
What you get:
  • 1 Dedicated Domain (One Year) - Renewable Yearly
  • 1 Dedicated Server (One Year) - Renewable Yearly
  • Custom HTML Page with link to your website (Using Existing Site Graphics)
  • Dedicated Page Stat Counter
  • Page indexed into Primary Search Engines

Options: Flash, Custom Graphics, Backgrounds, Multiple Links, embedded Video, Data Collection, etc.


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- A little bit about us --

Territory Media was conceived about the time Google launched back in 1998. We could design beautiful webpages, however we couldn't get people to them. So we knew then that there had to be a better way to get recognition. Yahoo and AltaVista where a couple of the first search engines, but Google was really taking off. Our initial idea was to follow the leader and if we did that, the rest would fall in line. So, we spent over 12 years watching, testing, trying, experimenting, researching and developing. Our greatest success was the creation of a Global Digital News Syndication that receives instant SEO placement. We've indexed Black Hills Community Portal into Google for over 6 years in the #3 placement for Community Portal in Google. That is higher than facebook, yahoo, MSN and others. Please contact us for more infomation --- No Strings attached and we don't email market...

Ask me what we did for: "What are GMOs?"

Contact Territory Media at 605-580-5496 or email for more information.  

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This Actual Custom SEO Landing Page was Created on July 5th, 2010

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